The Mid-County YMCA Minier Early Childhood Education Center offers quality full-day learning opportunities and child care for infants (6 weeks) through preschoolers (up to age 6), enabling parents and family members to work knowing their children are in safe, stimulating environments.

The Y implements age-appropriate learning focused on promoting independence, building self-esteem, working with friends, and improving kindergarten readiness. Staff receive extensive training and our center is licensed and accredited by the State of Missouri.

The Minier Early Childhood Center is located at the Mid-County YMCA and center hours run Monday-Friday from 7 am-6 pm.


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🏫 Missouri State Licensed and Accredited Center

🎓 Staff Receive Extensive Y-USA and Gateway Region YMCA Training Courses


📱 Parent Communication Tools & Involvement Encouraged

💵 Tuition Savings for Family Members

We provide a high quality, safe, convenient, recreational and educational environment for children regardless of ability. Our philosophy includes:

  • Providing quality care for children, regardless of socio/economic background
  • Supporting and strengthening the family unit
  • Helping children develop their fullest potential
  • Deliver the program in a positive YMCA environment of safety, support and care.

We achieve these goals with the understanding that each child is a unique, special individual who will receive attention appropriate to his or her developmental needs.

Our YMCA welcomes participation by children of all abilities. All children diagnosed with a disability will be referred to the Inclusion Services Department. The YMCA provides a recreational environment for children and teens with and without disabilities through added support staff, when needed to facilitate successful participation in the programs when appropriate. For more information, contact YMCA Inclusion and Adaptive Support Services at 314-436-1177.

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Through the YMCA’s Annual Campaign, we can ensure that everyone is always welcome at the Y, no matter his or her financial situation. Financial Assistance toward program fees is available for those with a demonstrated financial need. Applications are available at the ECEC office. 

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Understanding how children develop and learn is vital to a quality early childhood program. Our program is designed to consider the general patterns of growth as well as to recognize and accept individual difference among children.

Project Construct

Inspires hands-on, minds-on learning to attain deep understandings in the core content areas, while working collaboratively with adults and peers in vibrant learning communities.

Reebok BOKS

A physical activity program that improves our children physically, mentally and socially through movement.

Ignite by Hatch 

A digital learning platform for ages 4-5 offering play-based, research-backed curricular experiences that engage, instruct, and assess children in 7 domains of development. 


Healthy Eating Physical Activity

Families receive updates sent via email or smartphone using the HiMama app. HiMama is used by our educators to record activities and updates throughout the day. Everything from naps to snacks, it will provide you with a complete history of your child's experience in our program with photos stored safely and securely in a journal format.

Jeff Wilson

"I cannot say enough positive things about the Y, the teachers and the staff. We are so happy with our decision to send our child to the Y and its been the greatest experience for both us and our child." ~ ECEC Parent



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