Joining the Y means joining a community that can support you and your family in more ways than any other organization. As a non-profit organization focused on strengthening communities, our offerings include state-of-the-art gyms and swimming facilities, summer camps, neighborhood youth development programs, educational and social support.


Membership Means More

Whatever you and your family need to achieve your goals, where there’s a Y there’s a way.
State-of-the-art fitness equipment
Includes cardio centers, strength training, weight rooms, and free weights.
Pools and exercise facilities
Swim lessons for kids and adults, lap swim, rec swim, and water exercise classes.
United States
Nationwide access
Membership gives you free access to all participating U.S. YMCA locations.
Complimentary Child Watch
Work out or take a class while your kids have fun in a safe environment.
What does it cost?

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Financial assistance may also be available

My Family is a Y Family

"We are a church-going, bedtime story-reading, bike-riding, homework-procrastinating, fun-loving Y family. A typical night finds Kate bouncing from Child Watch to swim lessons while David and Drew trade shots on the basketball court. With so much to do at the Y, here’s a list of some of our favorite things."