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For teen or military/veteran membership rates, please contact your local Y's Welcome Center for details. Residency verification is required. Promotional enrollment discounts will be recognized at checkout.

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Debbie's Y Story

“I first joined the YMCA 16 years ago to workout while my son was in the preschool program. I developed bursitis in both hips during pregnancy that turned into chronic pain that has lasted 20 years. I have tried several doctors, prescriptions, shots, therapy and even surgery to alleviate the pain but the only thing I have found to help is exercise.

For 15 years I have been able to use the YMCA facilities thanks to the generous help supplied by financial aid. The amazing instructors here at the Y have taught me how to properly strengthen my core which has made the biggest difference of all. I now feel better than I have in 20 years thanks to the Y. It has become my second home - I call it my “happy place.” I enjoy the people and facility here so much that both my son and I are now YMCA employees.”

- Debbie Adams


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