YMCA Community Gardens are instrumental for the Y in promoting healthy living. From learning how to make raised beds at home to the benefits of growing your own produce, the Y provides resources and opportunities to learn and grow into a better, healthier YOU!


🌱 Learn New Techniques

🍎 Develop Healthy Habits


💚 Support Your Community

🤝 Volunteer to Plant




Engage with Community

Volunteer at your local YMCA Community Garden and meet new people and grow your passion.

Learn about Nutrition

Find out why growing your own food benefits your environment and your health!

Practice Mindfulness and Relaxation

Gardening has been proven to help with stress and overall mental health!





“I lost my husband in 2012. I really didn’t know what to do with myself. I’m legally blind, so this makes it harder for me to do certain things, but not impossible. My daughter and I were looking for a place to work out so we decided to give the Y a try. This was the best thing that happened to me. At the Emerson YMCA, you are family. I joined the OG’s, the Organic Gardeners. The Y has afforded me the opportunity to become the Master Gardener for the Y. My Y story is simple - the YMCA has given me a lifeline.”