Young Money Makers empowers teens to develop financial responsibility through classes on financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Teens gain confidence in their ability to manage their own money and the importance of savings.

  • Develops Financial Responsibility
  • Learns to Manage Money
  • Nurtures Curiosity
  • Builds Self-Confidence
  • Inspires Future Ready Citizens

Students learn the benefits of understanding money, financial planning and investing in themselves in an interactive, hands-on learning experience.

The program is offered at local schools and through community partners that meet qualifying criteria. If your organization is interested in partnering please complete the Letter of Program Interest and email to Morgan Wilson at

Innovative Concept Academy

If your school would be interested in hosting a Young Money Makers camp please contact Morgan Wilson at or 314-776-7102.

Young Money Makers is a series of workshops that introduce teens to financial responsibility, career pathways, and provides an opportunity for them to develop a business proposal.

What is the age range of participating students?
Middle and high school-aged students.

How do community partners get involved?
Community partners who would like to participate in the program must complete a Letter of Interest form Morgan Wilson at Completing the form does not guarantee participation in the program.

Is there a cost associated with the program?
There is no cost associated with this program.  However, partners must meet specific criteria to qualify.

Is Young Money Makers available at YMCA branches?
No, our primary focus remains on serving kids in their schools and community.

Money Matters

If your organization would be interested in partnering with Young Money Makers camp please contact Morgan Wilson at or 314-776-7102.