Our Sisterhood program prepares girls in grades 5 - 12 to navigate the challenges of adolescence and young adulthood through mentoring, community engagement, and activities that allow girls to lead change within their schools and communities. During weekly meetings, at area schools, and individual coaching, they set personal and professional goals, build social-emotional skills, and self-confidence. This program is available through community partnerships.

  • Make New Friendships
  • Inspires Future Ready Citizens
  • Builds Self-Confidence
  • Creates Change
  • Supports Positive Identity

You are not alone and I am not alone. We are in a sisterhood, together, and together we can make it.

The program is offered at local schools and through community partners that meet qualifying criteria. If your organization is interested in partnering please email Danielle Clark at danielle.clark@gwrymca.org.

Confluence Academy: South City
Eagle Preparatory Academy: Tower Grove South
Innovative Concept Academy

If your school would like to be a host school for Sisterhood please contact Danielle Clark at danielle.clark@gwrymca.org or call 314-776-7102.

Girls meet in small groups 1-2 times each week with 2 YMCA mentor instructors. Through the course of the meeting, they cover topics around social justice, intersectionality and community change through the Design For Change framework.

What is the age range of participating students?
Grades 5 - 12, broken down by age.

Is there a cost associated with the program?
There is no cost associated with this program.  However, partner schools must meet specific criteria to qualify.

Is transportation provided?
No, we do not provide transportation to or from meetings. We work with schools to ensure club meetings end before the school’s final bus leaves. Students may walk home with signed parental permission.

Are you LGBTQ inclusive?
Yes. All students that identify as female and return a signed registration form are allowed to join the Sisterhood club.

Are clubs available at YMCA branches?
No. While we are working on creating a club at a YMCA location in the future, we currently only have clubs at the schools and community partners.

How do schools and community partners get involved?
Schools who would like to participate in the program please email Danielle Clark at danielle.clark@gwrymca.org. Completing the form does not guarantee participation in the program.

Is a snack provided?
Yes, a snack is provided during all after-school club meetings.

For additional information on volunteering to mentor within a club, give a guest lecture or organize an activity please contact Danielle Clark at danielle.clark@gwrymca.org or call 314-776-7102.