At the Y, we’re here every day to provide the resources our communities need to address the most pressing social issues: education, employment, hunger, health, and youth development. We work to make sure every child, family, and community has what they need to achieve their best.

A younger Caucasian male child who is wheelchair-bound poses happily whilst playing with small wooden toys at a table in a classroom at the YMCA. Another young Caucasian girl is visible in the right corner of the image.

Special Needs Support

At the Gateway Region YMCA, our goal is to provide an inclusive environment where all members and participants are equally part of our Y community. We make it a priority to provide facilities, programs and services to all.
An image of YMCA children captured posing under a tourist sign that says "Belize" in the country. The image was taken on an overcast and cloudy day.

International Programs

The Gateway Region YMCA is part of the international YMCA network—a powerful alliance of Ys dedicated to strengthening our global community of 46 million members in 124 countries.
An image of a group of teenagers from the YMCA teen program linked arm-in-arm sitting on a basketball court. From left to right is an African American male, a Caucasian female and male, an African American female, and an Asian female. Everyone is smiling and the male in the middle is making peace signs on his friends shoulders.

Teen Programs

The Y is committed to ensuring that every young person has the opportunity to become a healthy, contributing member of society. We offer activities and programs for teens that provide them with academic assistance, employment opportunities and other life skills, all while having fun. Teens feel welcome and have proven success at the Y.
A female YMCA staff member wearing a purple shirt reads a book to three children, one Hispanic girl, one Caucasian boy, and an African American boy. All three children are happily listening to the staff member read to them while they sit on a couch in their classroom.

Education & Tutoring

Our education & tutoring programs provide enriching and supportive educational experiences to the participants. While our programs are based on the unique needs of our students and tutors, they all have one thing in common: the people. Our volunteers, donors, and staff are all dedicated to helping others learn, grow and thrive.
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Parent & Early Childhood

With a child-centered approach to early learning, our parenting and early childhood programs prepare young children to enter Kindergarten ready to learn.
An image of a diverse group of different-aged individuals representing the diversity seen and experienced by being a member at the Y. Some of the people are wearing colorful shirts that say, "Y Volunteer." In the image of the people linked in arms and grouped together are an older Caucasian male and female, a young Caucasian girl, a middle-aged Asian male, two African American females both young and middle-aged, and a teenage middle Eastern boy.


When you volunteer at the Y, you not only enhance your personal well-being but also take an active role in bringing about meaningful, enduring change right in your own neighborhood. There is no volunteer organization quite like the Y. We are focused on strengthening community, committed every day to youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.
An image of the male and female team in business-casual clothing from the Washington University YMCA.

Washington University Campus YMCA

The Campus Y is a student-centered organization dedicated to developing ethical leaders of exemplary character by applying the principles of the Gateway Region YMCA in partnership with Washington University in St. Louis.
A group of four Caucasian boys and girls pose on a water trampoline spelling out the letters YMCA with their arms. The lifeguard and two other girls are spotted on the water float, as well. They are all wearing life vests.

Trout Lodge & Camp Lakewood

YMCA Trout Lodge & Camp Lakewood is a year-round destination for adventure. Located in Missouri’s eastern Ozarks, the campus is nestled into 5,200 acres of picturesque, forest-covered hills and a 360-acre private lake. We are far from the ordinary and close to fun.

Our YMCA has committed to significantly increase our impact in the Gateway Region by serving more people, innovating and improving programs, and ensuring we have purposefully designed spaces to support generations to come.