Welcome Home!

Nostalgic for the days when you were a counselor or a cook or a lifeguard or a director? It’s OK to wish you were back at camp just one more time. Or maybe you’re wondering whatever happened to an old friend you used to work with. Here, you can reconnect with fellow Trout Lodge and Camp Lakewood alums. It may have been years since you’ve stepped on our grounds but we’ll bet the memories are just as clear as they were “back in the day”.

Feel free to browse through our Alumni site for information on how you can give back in time, talent or treasure, how to register as an alum, look at past Alumni newsletters and more.

Connect with your Camp Lakewood family on our Facebook page (YMCA Camp Lakewood Alumni Association). Check out what is happening at Camp Lakewood today, tell us your stories, share your ideas, send us your pictures and let us know where you are now. If you don’t have a Facebook account, we would love to hear from you via e-mail at erin.sullivan@gwrymca.org.

We are excited to share with you the opportunity to connect with old friends, reminisce about days gone by, and to cherish the times spent at Camp Lakewood, Triangle Y Ranch, and Trout Lodge! It is our sincere pleasure to bring you back to the place that shaped so many lives, and which still continues to do so to this day.

The Camp Lakewood, Triangle Y Ranch, and Trout Lodge family continues to grow every day. Realizing that you are part of our Alumni family is the first step in joining us on this journey down memory lane, and keeping Trout Lodge, Triangle Y Ranch, and Camp Lakewood a strong and vital component of the world community.

If you were a:

  • Camp Lakewood counselor or staff member
  • Trout Lodge staff member
  • Trout Lodge guest
  • Trout Lodge group member
  • Triangle Y Wrangler
  • Camp Lakewood camper

… whether you were full-time, part-time or seasonal – know that you are “one of us”. Why not take a moment and register. You never know who is looking for you!

We are always extending our Alumni database, and your input will greatly help to expand our efforts. If you know where a “long-lost” camper or staff member is currently residing, please inform us by emailing us at camplakewood@gwrymca.org. OR, you can send them to this page. We want to bring ALL Alumni together again!

Want to go back and relive your camp life, even if for only a few days? Want to reconnect with alums you know and meet new ones? Join us as we come together for our Alumni Reunion held at East Camp. It’s a weekend of fun, friends and family. To learn more about this weekend, contact Erin Sullivan at 573-438-2154 ext. 111 or erin.sullivan@gwrymca.org. We hope to see you there!


Please contact Erin Sullivan at 573-438-2154 ext. 111 or via email at erin.sullivan@gwrymca.org for more alumni information. Thank you!

The Trout Lodge & Camp Lakewood Alumni Committee is an active and vital group of people who love camp, and who willingly give of their time.

So what’s going on at Camp Lakewood and Trout Lodge these days? Now you can find out. We send out Alumni Newsletters, which are emailed to all known Alumni. Don’t forget to register or contact Erin Sullivan at 573-438-2154 ext. 121 or erin.sullivan@gwrymca.org to be added to our ever-growing Alumni list. Then you’ll automatically receive these newsletters and information on upcoming Alumni events. You can also browse through past issues here.

Summer 2022 Alumni Newsletter

Winter-Spring 2021 Alumni Newsletter

Winter 2019/2020 Alumni Newsletter

Spring-Summer 2018 Alumni Newsletter

Summer 2017 Alumni Newsletter


You're welcome to visit camp at any point during the summer and see us in action! Contact us in advance. Email Erin Sullivan at erin.sullivan@gwrymca.org or call us at 573-438-2155.

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of campers, groups and families? There are multiple ways you can give back to make a real and lasting impact – and it feels so good deep in your heart to help those in need. 

Please contact Erin Sullivan at 573-438-2154 ext. 111 or via email at erin.sullivan@gwrymca.org for more alumni information. Thank you!

Once a year, alumni from across the country get together and spend a weekend in April at East Camp helping to spruce up camp before the summer season starts each year. But it’s not all work! Alums spend time together laughing and talking about the old days, enjoying meals times around a campfire, sleeping in East Camp cabins and just having fun. Past projects have included painting East Camp cabins, repairing & updating the East Camp bath house, raking & burning leaves, painting at Lakewood Lodge, repairing & updating the Pannebecker fire ring seating area and Lakewood waterfront seating. These amazing people give of their time and talents keeping Camp Lakewood looking fresh and clean and ready for another year of campers – for which YMCA Trout Lodge & Camp Lakewood is truly grateful. Alums are an integral part of what makes us so special.

If you are interested in being a part of this weekend of giving of your time & talents to help camp shine, please contact Erin Sullivan at 573-438-2154 ext. 111 or erin.sullivan@gwrymca.org.


There are many children who would love to go to camp and have all of the fantastic experiences and memories to take home with them like you did, but can’t because of financial constraints. There are also special needs groups who require financial assistance in order to attend – groups with children who live with cancer, HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s Disease, have a limb loss, is blind or has Diabetes. Struggling families also need financial support to spend time reconnecting with each other and work out their own critical issues.

You CAN make a difference with a simple act of kindness. You may say, my little bit won’t help, but remember this – your donation with another alum’s donation with another’s quickly adds up and does make a major impact in many lives – lives that are changed because of YOU!

Each year in November, YMCA Trout Lodge & Camp Lakewood begins its annual fundraising efforts. If you are contacted by a staff member or fellow alum, imagine a deserving camper’s face stepping on to the camp grounds for the first time. You will have helped to make this possible with a little of your “treasure”.

But why wait until November …  You can make a donation at any time in any number of ways!

Alum from the late 1960’s/early 1970’s – Marty Pliske has partnered with us to raise money to send underprivileged children from Ferguson, Missouri to Camp Lakewood. Marty grew up in Ferguson and wanted to give back by providing a life-changing week of resident camp to another generation. Not only did this take off, but snowballed into several grants and many donations, so that in 2015, 60 children attended summer camp at Camp Lakewood thanks to the Friends of Ferguson Fund. What an amazing legacy!

If you would like to contribute to the Friends of Ferguson Fund, either click on the Support Us button below, or you can send your donation to: Erin Sullivan, YMCA Camp Lakewood, 13528 Highway AA, Potosi, MO 63664. Just note “Ferguson Campership” in the memo line or when you are contacted for payment information.