YMCA Camp Lakewood Activities & Electives

At Camp Lakewood, kids love the extensive list of activities we offer, which create opportunities to challenge, inspire, create and enjoy. From Arts & Crafts to horseback riding, zip lines to swimming, Camp Lakewood’s activities are second to none and everything campers love.


“The experience is terrific for kids because it removes them from the many distractions they have while at home (TV, video games, cell phones, etc.) and allows them to experience new things through outdoor “play”. It requires them meeting new people and learning how to quickly adapt to experiences that might be uncomfortable in the beginning. I think the entire experience is beneficial and one that every kid should experience.”
– Kim & Tony

Financial Assistance

We offer scholarships to those who qualify to ensure that all children have this wonderful opportunity. You can view our Financial Aid information here. 

For questions, please contact the Camp Lakewood office directly at 573.438.2155, or by email at camplakewood@gwrymca.org.




Campers choose learning activities during a one-week stay. Each activity runs for about an hour, five days a week. Some activities count as two activities. Through these activities, we coach sportsmanship, courage, healthy risk-taking, independence, goal setting, flexibility, responsibility, and self-discovery.
Girl riding horse in the woods


Electives are specialized optional activities that campers choose, which use two daily activities.

Specialized Smorgasbords

Smorgasbord is a time during each day when campers choose from an array of activities offered by staff, allowing them to experience more than their activity choices.