Fitness for You(th) strives to empower the next generation with an understanding of health and wellness that works for them. This program is available at schools and community partnerships.


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  • Support and Encouragement
  • Achieve Personal Goals
  • Develops Relationships
  • Learn Healthy Lifestyle Choices
  • Builds Self-Confidence

Our goal is to help more students become physically active both in and out of school. This 8-week online program helps students develop an understanding of how to create a personal workout plan using a mini resistance band to target specific muscle groups. Content will be shared with school partners online once a week. 

The program is offered at local schools and through community partners that meet qualifying criteria. If your organization is interested in partnering please email to Danielle Clark at

We are proud to partner with the following schools to offer our Vertical Horizons program:

Confluence Preparatory Academy
Confluence Academy: South City
Innovative Concept Academy
St. Louis College Preparatory

If your school would like to be a host location for this program please email to Danielle Clark at

Depending on the school’s needs, 2 instructors lead classes 2-5 times a week for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours each session. The sessions vary at each school due to time and space available but follow a general framework of a warm-up and a work-out focused on weights or skill-focused stations, and a closing group game or challenge.

What is the age range of participating students?
Students in grades 3 - 12/

How do schools get involved?
Schools who would like to participate in the program should email Danielle Clark at

Is there a cost associated with the program?
There is no cost associated with this program.  However, partner schools must meet specific criteria to qualify.

Is this program available at YMCA branches?
No. While we are working on creating opportunities for participating kids to visit and work out at Gateway Region YMCAs, our primary focus remains on serving kids in their schools and community.