Swimming is a life skill, great exercise and a challenging sport. The Y strives to help all ages learn how to swim, so they can stay safe around water and learn the skills needed to make swimming a lifelong pursuit for healthy living. View our various swim offerings below to see how you can get active in the water.

  • Promotes happiness
  • Relieves stress
  • Safe form of exercise
  • Total body workout
  • Skills for life

Swimming categories

Swimming categories


*Spring I Swim Lessons run March 2 - April 26. Spaces are limited. Find a swim stage appropriate for you below and sign up by March 8.

*Please note that lesson offerings vary across the Gateway Region YMCA association.


Swim Lessons

Y Swim Lessons teach life-saving skills, develop self-esteem, and create positive experiences that last a lifetime. We're proud to offer a variety of swim lessons for people of all ages and abilities, both in group and private settings.

Water Exercise Classes

Utilize the resistance and buoyancy of the water to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility. Instructors lead small groups through water choreography and resistance exercises. Swimming ability is not needed for all of our water exercise classes. Browse a sampling of our classes or check the schedule at your local Y and drop into a class today!

Competitive & Specialty Swimming

The Y is proud to offer specialty swim classes for both youth and adults and across abilities. You can learn how to refine your stroke technique or just experience a great workout in the pool.

Work In Aquatics

Looking for a great summer job or career as a lifeguard or swim instructor? The Y offers lifeguarding and swim instructor certification courses and has open positions throughout the Gateway Region YMCA.

Outdoor Pools & Water Parks

School is out and swimming is in! The Gateway Region YMCA proudly features five outdoor pools, including the Carondelet Park Rec Complex, the O’Fallon Park Rec Complex, New Baden Legion Memorial Pool, and the Red Bud City Pool. Have some summer fun with the family and beat the heat this summer.

Annual Pool Closures

The Gateway Region YMCA works to provide the best facilities we can for our members. Pools throughout the association will close for annual maintenance and cleaning. You're welcome to visit other Gateway Region YMCA pools for lap swim and recreational swim during this time.

Aquatic Guidelines and Policies

Please review our aquatic guidelines and age requirements before coming for a swim!