We have so many incredible and varied activities that we barely have room to list them all, but we are certainly going to try. In addition to arts & crafts, water and adventure activities, check out our other things to do. WOW! Trout Lodge is really right in the middle of the action.

Please check Activity Schedules for what recreational activities are available during the time of your stay.

For questions about any of the activities listed above, please contact Guest Services at 888-FUN-YMCA.

This “classic camp” activity includes safety instruction, tips and practice time. Ages 5+.

Stop at the Front Desk for a booklet that will show you some of the birds you may see as you set out on a wildlife expedition along our trails.

The Front Desk stocks a variety of family-friendly board games.

Head over to Hawkins Pavilion for this equipment.

Stop by the front desk for this equipment.

Give us a call and schedule a 30-minute van tour to give you and your family/group an overview of just how expansive and beautiful our property at Trout Lodge and Camp Lakewood is.

Frisbees can be obtained at the front desk or Hawkins Pavilion.

This guided tour will teach you about the ancient geological history of Trout Lodge through an exploration of the processes that contribute to this beautiful wooded environment. Maximum of 20 participants per session.

Practice hoops, start a game of dodgeball and use up some energy on a rainy day.

Take a self-guided hike through our property. Hiking maps are available at the Front Desk, and we HIGHLY encourage that you please check out and in with the Front Desk for your safety.

Nature Hikes: This day time one-mile scenic tour of our wooded property winds along our wooded trails.

Night Hikes: Similar to our day time nature hikes, this takes place at night.

Equipment available at Hawkins Pavilion. 

Our 19-hole mini-golf course is located next to the Country Store, with equipment available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Our ping pong table is located on the outdoor back patio (near the back deck) on the first floor. Balls and paddles are available at the Front Desk.

After safety introduction, learn how to use .22 caliber air rifles and try out your skills. Ages 8+. Children ages 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

What recreational facility would be complete without a volleyball court? Located in front of the mini-golf course and beside the Country Store, get your teams together and pound it out. Don’t worry about diving for the ball – it’s on sand. Volleyballs are located at Hawkins Pavilion.

If you love a good scavenger hunt, we have two to choose from, or do both! See the Front Desk for the list, and when you’re done, come back to claim your prize!

Equipment is available at Hawkins Pavilion and located beside the mini-golf course.

Check out balls and racquets at Hawkins Pavilion.

Check out washers equipment at Hawkins Pavilion.