Y gymnastics offers many positive physical benefits and improves confidence and self-esteem! 

Programs begin for youth as early as 12 months old as a parent-child class and continue through preschool. We also offer an open play gymnastics program for parents and children to come explore our equipment and have family fun time.

    • Trained and Caring Instructors
    • Build confidence
    • Promotes Physical Activity
    • Make New Friends
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    Continuous enrollment allows you to sign up for fewer sessions for longer periods of time. You can lock into a consistent class day/time, and schedule payments on a monthly basis! Our full sessions run on an academic calendar, September through May.

    Please sign up at our Welcome Center so we can assist you with the proper level placement.

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    Gymnastics begins the week of September 9, 2019 and runs through May 2020.
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    Preschool Playtime (ages 0 – 6 years)
    Bring your children in for 90 minutes of parent-supervised fun in our Children’s Center. Parents must remain with children at all times. Preschool Playtime is offered during the fall, winter and spring.
    This open gym time is free for Y members and $6 per family for non-members

    Wigglyworms (walker – 36 months)
    This 30-minute parent/child class is an introduction to gymnastics skills in a fun environment.

    Intro into Gymnastics (ages 2-3) 
    No parent participation required in this 30-minute class.

    Bouncing Bears (Beginner level for ages 3-5)
    For children wanting to learn basic gymnastics skills such as body positions, forward rolls, walking on the balance beam and more. Develop strength & body balance control.

    Tumbling Teddies (Intermediate level for ages 3-5)
    For gymnasts to continue their basic gymnastics skills, as well as progress to more challenging skills. Gymnast must be able to do forward rolls, walk forward on the balance beam unassisted, and front support on bars to register for this class.

    Cartwheeling Cubs (Advanced level for ages 3-5)
    For gymnasts who want to continue their progression of gymnastics. Gymnast must be able to do strong front support, controlled forward roll dismount and 3 casts with hips off bar. Straddle roll and basic cartwheel on floor to register for this class.

    Progressing Pandas (Advanced level for ages 3-5) 
    For gymnasts that would like to continue their progression of gymnastics through more challenging skills and techniques. Gymnast must be able to do pullover with a slight spot, straddle roll and backward roll. Advancement would continue until child reaches the age of 6 and is ready to move on

    Rollers (ages 6 and up)
    No experience necessary. This beginning developmental class will lay the foundation on which all other progressive gymnastics skills can build on. 

    Swingers (ages 6 and up)
    Gymnast must be able to do a controlled front support roll down on bars, walk unassisted forward, backward and sideways on beam and forward, straddle and backward rolls to stand on floor.

    Gliders (ages 6 and up)
    Gymnast must be working on pullover and back hip circle, proper cartwheel, handstand hold 3 sec, forward roll on beam (with light spot) bride kick over and split leap on beam.

    Kippers (ages 6 and up)
    Gymnast must be able to do pullover and back hip circle (with slight spot), round-off, handstand and backbend on floor, walk on toes releve’ forward and backward on medium beam, lever to “T” on low beam

    Flyers (ages 6 and up)
    Gymnast must be able to do pullover, forward roll, split leap on medium beam, backbend kick over (no spot on floor), one arm cartwheel.

    Tumbling 101 (ages 6-18)
    Learn basic tumbling skills.

    Homeschool classes (ages 6 and up)
    During the school year, we offer weekday classes catered toward homeschoolers.

    Boys Tumbling/Conditioning (ages 6 and up)
    Beginner & advanced class. Learn to flip, build strength, flexibility & balance with other boys

    Teen Tumbling (ages 12-18)

    Twisters Competitive Team (ages 5-16)

    Boys Tumbling & Conditioning


    This class combines beginner and advanced levels. Boys age 6 and up will learn to flip, build strength, flexibility and balance in this class.

    Competitive Gymnastics

    Competitive gymnastics is available for ages 5-16.

    Pre-team is available after Kippers/Flyers for those interested and ready to embrace a competitive mindset.