Who doesn't love a good Smorgasbord?

Specialized smorgasbords are a one-time additional choice (can choose multiple) that campers may choose to attend during one of the four smorgasbords offered. There is an additional charge for Specialized Smorgasbords. Equipment will be provided by camp. Campers are not required to choose a Specialized Smorgasbord. Campers can choose up to 4 specialized smorgasbords. A sign up form for specialized smorgasbords can be found under Parent Resources.

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Banana Boat: Take a wet and wild ride on our Banana Boat, which holds from 8 to 16 riders and is towed by a pontoon boat. Campers must receive a blue band during their swim test in order to participate in this activity.

Get Fired Up – Ceramic Painting: Let your imagination and artistic abilities carry you away during the Specialized Smorgasbord as you paint a ceramic piece. A wide variety of ceramic pieces are offered and may include mugs, animal figurines, money banks, etc. Ceramics are fired in a kiln and delivered on Friday just in time to pack up and take home.

Gladiator Zip: Do you have what it takes to be a gladiator? Then step up to the platform for a zip line with a twist! Get harnessed in, pick up your “javelin” (pool noodle) and then run off the ramp. While zip lining, attempt to throw your javelin at your fellow zipper or try to get a bullseye on the hanging target. It’s so much fun you get to do it twice!

*NEW!*  Little Brushes Painting Class: Calling all aspiring artists! In this class, campers will receive step-by-step instructions to create an original 9 x 12 masterpiece with acrylic on canvas. Classes are beginner level, but will also include enough challenges for intermediate painters.

Pop & Trot: Do you love horses but just want a taste of the Ranch life? Campers will learn how to groom and saddle a horse before going on a Valley Ride. This event ends with Pop Stop on the porch of the Equestrian Barn. Note: Horses don’t trot or drink pop during this activity.

Valley Trail Ride: This ride is a one-mile horse ride designed to show off our beautiful hardwood forest. The trail winds through the peaceful forest and crosses the Fourche Renault Creek. The ride is approximately 30 minutes (depending upon size of group and weather permitting). Must be at least 44″ tall and weight limit of 250 lbs.

Water Blast Zip (Weight limit of 280 lbs.): Imagine a water gun fight crossed with a zip line! Step up to the platform, get harnessed in and then run off the ramp! You’ll then be blasted with water while you zip. What a great way to cool down from the heat of a warm summer’s day. It’s so awesome, we’ll let you do it twice in a row.

*NEW!* Zorb Ball:  Here’s your chance to “walk on water” with this huge ball that you climb inside of and meander about the waterfront area.

Archery Tag: Archery tag is a unique sport that combines elements of dodgeball and paintball games with the timeless skills of archery. Foam-tipped arrows are used to eliminate opposing players from the field of play.  Equipment provided.

Paintball Party: Perfect for beginners or those who are advanced to test their skills on our wooded paintball course! Session includes safety orientation and instruction on a variety of games to play. We will provide the paintball gear. Session will last up to 1-1/2 hours.

*NEW!* Junior Wrangler Experience: Up to 10 riders will learn basic riding skills in western horseback riding, including steering, stopping, and basic arena skills. This will be followed by an outdoor dinner cookout. Available sessions 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 11 only.

Ready for the Best Camp Ever?

“This was our daughter’s second year attending Camp Lakewood. She loved the counselors and all the activities that are packed into the day. I am impressed with the staff and counselors from different countries and feel that it is an important part of growing up to be exposed to people of different cultures. My husband and I served in the USAF and were stationed in Germany for two years, so we feel it is important to expose our children to different experiences, and Camp Lakewood provides this opportunity. Thank you for having such a great place for our daughter to learn and enjoy a week out of her summer. I’m certain that she will one day become a camp counselor somewhere.” – Heather