We believe that learning in a group setting helps youth develop and achieve their potential. Youth in our Learning Lab program make new friends and develop educational skills through small group and project-based instruction. This program is available through community partnerships.

  • Develop critical-thinking skills
  • Learn in Small Groups
  • Nurtures Curiosity
  • Improves Self-Confidence

Students meet twice a week in a small class and receive targeted project-based instruction in math or reading. 

Prospective students must first be assessed to see if they meet the requirements of the program. Reading students are assessed by Michelle Peeler, michelle.peeler@gwrymca.org or 314-421-8908, math students are assessed by Veronica Simon, veronica.simon@gwrymca.org or 314-421-8889. After the assessment, students will be placed if they score below a specific threshold indicating they are a grade level behind or more in either subject. Placement is based upon skills needed and grade level.

Register for Reading Tutoring

Register for Math Learning Lab

Carondelet Park Rec Complex

Emerson YMCA

Bayer YMCA

Various Partner Schools

Our students meet twice a week for 1 hour. Math students meet on Monday & Wednesday and reading students meet on Tuesday & Thursday. Each class includes targeted instruction based on skills needed through direct instruction, individual practice, online individual practice, group instruction, manipulatives etc.

When are classes? 

It depends on what subject you are needing help with. Math classes meet Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30 - 5:30 pm and 5:30 -6:30 pm. Reading classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 - 5:30 pm and 5:30 - 6:30 pm.


How can my child enroll in the program?

Students must first be assessed to see what skills if any, they need help in. Reading students are assessed by Michelle Peeler and math students are assessed by Veronica Simon.


Where are Learning Labs located? 

We are located at the Carondelet Rec Complex, Emerson YMCA and Bayer YMCA.


How much does this program cost?

This program is free to all students and families regardless if they are a Y member or not.


Do classes only run during the school year?

No, Learning Lab classes run all year long.


How will I know my child is on grade level?

Quarterly assessments are done to see how skills have improved over the course of the session. Parents are updated by the instructors after these assessments about their child’s improvement. When a child is on grade level they will graduate out of the program.


Can my school/organization host the Learning Labs program?

Our program is available to community organizations that show a need. Please contact Veronica Simon, veronica.simon@gwrymca.org or 314-421-8889 for more information.