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Leaders Clubs

You can meet many of tomorrow’s leaders at the YMCA. Our Leaders Club and Junior Leaders provide youth the opportunity to learn to become more effective in their interactions with others. Teens improve their social and leadership skills all while discovering how they can give back to their communities. Leaders Club and Junior Leaders meet on a weekly basis at the YMCA branches.

To get involved in the Leaders programs, please contact Lauren Carmack for information about the Leaders Club program.

Junior Leaders
Junior Leaders is committed to providing leadership skills to pre-teens (ages 10-12) for the purpose of socializing, serving the community, and making the difference in the lives of others. Participants gain valuable teamwork and volunteer experience, while learning to encourage each other to make a positive impact for future generations.

Leaders Club
Leaders Club is an opportunity for teens (ages 13+) to learn about leadership, get involved with the community and have fun with peers. Essentially, the club is what the group makes of it. Under the supervision of YMCA staff and volunteers, teens can make Leaders Club exactly what they want it to be! Teens will plan and execute volunteer and social events to gain real-life leadership experience.