At the O'Fallon Illinois YMCA there are no unfamiliar faces, just future friends. See for yourself how our Y family have found their people - and found their Y.



Tiffany's Y Story

"The Y has literally given me myself back! As a mother of 3 small boys it was hard for me to take time for myself all these years with them growing (oldest is now 7) but since joining the Y I have met so many kind and wonderful people from small to old and learned so much about myself and my body that I never knew! I get up excited knowing I get to go help myself be physically and mentally strong. I go knowing my toddler son is well cared for and loved by the staff and that makes it even easier bc I struggle leaving him with others.

The Y has literally given me back a spark in me that I didn’t think I had once I became a mother! It’s given me a purpose to come and be myself!!! I love it!!!"



Kelcey's Y Story

"I was told by a friend to join and get the low income membership. I was hesitant because I didn’t think I’d go and it would be a waste due to my anxiety. I pushed myself to join and pushed myself to go to one class last December, MX4 with Kate! I was so welcomed by her and the other members that I’ve been going to 5:30 classes every morning ever since!

I love the people, community and amazing classes that help me overcome my anxiety and be in even better shape! Thank you so very much!"



Vida's Y Story

"I love my "Y"! When I moved out here in 2017 I knew I was on a great place in O’Fallon. The perfect mixture of seasons and weather as expected. I have a few issues going on health-wise and once I got situated with a part-time job I knew I had to get some type of exercise for my poor arthritic joints or it was only going to get worse.

I first signed up at a local gym, but found the atmosphere not to my liking as it seemed to be geared more towards "let's get buff" and younger, sexy people trying to look sexier (I haven't been in that category in many years LOL.) I then found out about the "Y" and thought I'd see what they had for me as a senior. 

It was a perfect choice. I knew I had found my "home". Plenty of classes and exercise options for us seniors and of course all the staff are absolutely "THE BEST" anywhere!

And, the trips are GREAT! So, the bottom line is, I love my "Y" for a lot of reasons and will continue to attend and support it as long as I can. YOU ROCK GATEWAY YMCA!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!"



Destinee's Y Story

"We joined the Y in late spring. My husband grew up going to YMCAs as he and his family moved around. You see, they were a military family and the YMCA was one place he could count on in most places they were stationed at. It brought a sense of familiarity - the basketball court, summer camps and swim lessons.

In present day, we realized we needed a central place that both us and our kids could grow and thrive. The YMCA only made sense. I can grow mentally and physically knowing my kiddos are in a safe and fun play space. In fact, all of the staff know and love my kids. They acknowledge us and make us feel welcome from the moment we walk in. When we come to the Y, it’s just a comfort to feel like we belong and we’re known! I’ve met church members here, neighbors, friends.

It is the truest sense of community, and we can’t imagine our daily life without it."



Mary & Terry's Y Story

"I was a little surprised when I learned I have been a YMCA member for 20 years. My husband, Terry, and I are also celebrating 20 years of marriage this year! He was a YMCA member in Washington, MO where he lived before we were married and then subsequently moved to Illinois. If I remember correctly, it was a condition of the marriage that we have a YMCA membership! I think it was a win-win because I love the YMCA!  

I have to confess; I did try some other fitness centers but always kept my YMCA membership. Now it is my only gym! I enjoy taking the early 5:30 a.m. classes and walking on the track that accommodates my work schedule. The staff at the Y do a great job, the instructors are awesome, and there are so many good people who work out during the early shift!

My husband Terry is part of the YMCA Pluckers and plays on Tuesday and Friday mornings. It is an opportunity to do what he loves to do, play music! The group has expanded and now plays for some of the YMCA events including AOA luncheons, Fall Festival and special occasions! I am one of their groupies and try to attend most of their gigs when I can!

We were proud winners of the 2022 O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce Snowman Selfie Contest with our picture at the YMCA! I am looking forward to many more good years of being a happy YMCA member!



Ann's Y Story

"In 2014 my husband received orders to Scott AFB. My family had been active YMCA members for the past several years because my daughter last were swim team kids. Before we moved here, I decided to apply for an MSA job at EBC to help cover costs of the swim team. Little did I know I would fall in love with so many people and a YMCA. It became family to me especially being so far away from my own. Not only was I in a role to help so many others but in turn filled a void in my life.

When we received orders again three years later, it was so hard to leave. I stayed in touch with so many. I came back to visit in 2018 and they through a party for me in the gym. A least 70 people were there to see me. Fast forward two years, my husband once again was to receive orders - his last assignment of his career. The Air Force decided to send us back to Scott. Before we ever moved here, I had a job waiting on me at the O’Fallon IL branch. This opportunity just expanded my YMCA family!!!

When I interviewed, I had one request - to be in charge the AOA program. They accepted. To be able to help with social isolation and help AOA members connect with each other is so fulfilling. But I have learned to love the other impact areas that we serve like Feed My Lambs, the Back to School Supply Drive, Angel Tree, the Parkinson’s Disease Class and so many others.

The Y is a pillar in the community and it is great to be able to strengthen that community. I love my YMCA!!!"



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