We have plenty of activities for your camper!

Elective clinics are only available to main camp campers, east camp campers and/or Jr. Rangers. There is an additional charge for electives. Equipment will be provided by camp. Campers are not required to choose an elective. 


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Advanced Arts & Crafts - Ages: 8-16

Be crafty and creative while you unleash your inner artist in Advanced Arts & Crafts! Each camper will get to construct a stepping-stone, paint two ceramic pieces, learn the ins and outs of mosaics while creating a tiled masterpiece from start to finish, and create two tie-dyed pieces.

Horsemanship - Ages: 11-16

This elective meets during two of the four clinic periods each day. Grooming, saddle, bridle, anatomy of the horse and Western riding are all taught in this introduction to horses and their care. Learn about breeds and characteristics, riding positions, commands, walking and trotting. 

Paintball - Ages: 13-16

This fun-filled, adrenaline-pumping special elective will focus on individual /team tactics and strategies, problem-solving, group communication and team building. Whether you’re brand new to paintball or an expert, this program offers a wide variety of different games guaranteed to ensure everyone has a great time. We provide paintball markers, protective masks and paint. This special elective meets for two of the four clinic periods.


Ready for the Best Camp Ever?

“My son built friendships (as he most always does). One kid in his cabin made friendship bracelets, so he is now making many of them at home and googling other techniques. He learned many new things and experienced zip lining!"

– Chrissy