Child at side of water

It’s fair to say we’re all afraid of something at some point in our lives. Whether it’s bugs, heights, or water – they’re all valid because we’re all human! Water is one of the most common fears people have, specifically the fear of drowning. But don’t worry! It’s completely natural to be apprehensive or nervous around water. It’s your minds way of looking out for you. If you are one of the many people in the world who have a strong fear of water, here are some ways to start getting in the mindset of overcoming that fear.

You’re not alone! Be honest with yourself.
Everyone has fears. Water is a very common one. People of all ages have a fear of water – children AND adults. Tell yourself that you recognize your fear and set a goal to overcome it.

You have to find trust in those around you as you work to overcome your fear. Surround yourself with supportive people and an instructor if you are taking lessons.

Start Small
There is no need to jump in headfirst! Start by dipping your feet and legs into the water of the shallow end of the pool. Ease yourself in until your feet are touching the ground. Once you’re in, start walking around to become acclimated to the water. Once you’re comfortable with walking, splash some water on your face.

Learn to Float
Floating is key to water safety. Try laying on your back and holding onto the side of the pool with both hands. Then try holding on with just one hand. After practicing a couple of times, try floating independently. This will help you become more relaxed in the water.

Blow Bubbles
No one likes getting water up their nose. Practice blowing bubbles while you are in the pool. Put your face in the water and blow bubbles out of your nose. This is great practice for eventually holding your breath underwater.

Getting comfortable around water is just the beginning of your journey, and it’s important to keep your mind focused on your end goal. If you are interested in taking a swim lesson to overcome your fear of water, contact the Aquatics Director at your local Y to see what options are availa­ble for you or your child!