Kids  Swimming

As the temperatures begin to drop and snow begins to fall many people begin to stop swimming or wait until warmer weather to start back into a swim lesson routine. Did you know the winter months are the BEST time to learn to swim and make sure your family is equipped with crucial water safety skills? We're here to dispel the old wives’ tale that wet hair and winter do not mix.

1. It is never too early to start swim lessons.

There are only 168 days until summer. The best time to think about summer swimming is in the winter. Every child and adult learns at their own pace. The five extra winter months can give families a peace of mind knowing that they will start the summer swimming strong and are equipped with water safety skills necessary to stay safe in and around water. You can register the family online here or at your local YMCA Welcome Center.

2. Winter blues are real.

Anton Chekhov once said, "People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they are happy." About 20% of people experience winter blues or season affective disorder and often feel the loneliest during winter. Nevertheless, swimming can fight those winter blues. Swimming provides people with the opportunity to get much need exercise and allows people to be a part of a community and develop friendships in the pool. Exercise and making friends releases dopamine in the brain, which makes people happy!

3. Swimming helps children in school.

Winter is the period of time that children get the least amount of exercise. The colder temperatures and shorter days often translate to spending more time indoors. Swimming at your local YMCA pool will give children a chance to burn off pent up energy and help children focus in school. Not only do children learn to swim, but they also learn about achieving challenging goals and multitasking.

4. Did we mention our pools are heated?

Even though the temperatures are quite cold outside, our friendly staff and heated waters are ready to welcome everyone in 2019.

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