Adaptive sports programs at the Y provide children and adults with disabilities the chance to play sports and participate in learning opportunities in a safe, fun atmosphere. Find frequently asked questions below.


Do you have to be a YMCA member to participate in Adaptive Programs?

YMCA Adaptive Programs are open to all community members. There is a single $25 per program for either Y members or non-members.

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How can I register for an Adaptive Sports program?

Players may register for a program online or in-person at the YMCA.

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What equipment is needed for each program?

Miracle League (Baseball) - Tennis shoes (no cleats!), jersey and hat (provided by the Y), baseball pants (preferred, not required). Participants can bring a glove if they would like. Gloves are available to borrow as well.

Who can participate in Adaptive Programs?

YMCA Adaptive Programs are for any person with a disability. Programs are geared for ages 5-24 years of age and 8-24 years of age for competitive leagues. You may contact Matt Thompson here if a participant falls outside of the listed age ranges for assistance.

Do all adaptive sports teams have practices?

Currently, practices are only held for competitive leagues. Non-competitive leagues run games with a warm up beforehand. Clinic Nights may be available and will be communicated to parents/guardians if so. Competitive leagues will have a 15-30 minute practice before their game.

Can my child with a disability participate in any YMCA sports program?

Yes! The Gateway Region YMCA offers Inclusion Support Services ensuring all children have the opportunity to participate in a YMCA program. You may contact the YMCA Inclusion Support Services Department here.

Do parents/guardians need to be on the field with their player?

No, unless the parent/guardian would like to. Volunteer coaches and buddies will be available to assist players. Parents/guardians are encouraged to have fun watching their athletes play! If you are interested in coaching or volunteering, find opportunities below.

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How can I become a buddy or coach?

Buddies enable us to help our athletes hit, run the bases, field, and transition throughout the game. All buddies must attend a training prior to volunteering. Volunteers are so important to our adaptive sports programs and volunteers will get as much out of the experience as the kids. All volunteers will be given a buddy shirt.

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Should I sign my child up for competitive or non-competitive?

Non-competitive (recreational) leagues are for all athletes with a disability ages 5-24 years. The non-competitive league for Miracle League will have no outs, everyone bats each inning, everyone scores each inning, and the last batter hits a grand slam! For other sports, the non-competitive league will be designed with teaching skills in mind and having fun. We will do drills, play small sided games, and focus on development. All players will have a buddy with them during non-competitive leagues.

Competitive leagues are for athletes’ with a disability ages 8-24 years. The competitive league for Miracle League will have outs, a run limit each inning, and be played like a standard game. Game format consists of a 15-30 minute practice and then a game. Our other sports will have a similar format with a practice and then a game. All players should be able to play on their own without the need for a 1 on 1 buddy.

What is a DMH number?

Some of our families may have a Department of Mental Health number through the Developmental Disabilities division. This is one of the questions during registration. If a family is interested in exploring obtaining case management through the Development Disabilities Resource Board, you can direct them to this site. We are partnering with the St. Charles County board and can receive funding if families have a DMH number and live in St. Charles County. Click here to learn more about St. Charles County Case Management Accessing Services.




At the Gateway Region YMCA, our goal is to provide an inclusive environment where all members and participants are equally part of our Y community. We make it a priority to provide facilities, programs and services to all.