In collaboration with St. Louis University School of Law and the Missouri Black Caucus, Back to Basics is an 8-week hands-on learning program for teens ages 13 - 18. During this program, teens will learn about the government and how they can affect change. This is an ideal program for students looking to learn more about politics and policy. 

  • Develops Leadership Skills TEST
  • Increases Self-Confidence
  • Supportive Environment
  • Achieve Personal & Educational Goals
  • Creates Change

Students who complete this 8-week session will be able to:

  • Name a state representative
  • Describe the role of the state legislature
  • List steps to run for a state office
  • Use data to make a policy recommendation about a current issue
  • Support a policy using research and anecdotal information

This program runs at specific times of the year. To inquire about the next available session please contact Caitlyn Dorion

What ages are eligible for Back to Basics?
Teens ages 13-18 who are enrolled in school, 19-year-olds still in high school are also accepted.

Is there a cost associated with Basics?
There is a $50 fee, financial assistance is available.