In our STEAM program, youth are engaged in STEAM activities that nurture their curiosity, inspire creativity and teach them how to succeed. Students are empowered through opportunities to participate in real-world learning and activities to develop the 21st Century skills needed to be “Future Ready” citizens. Students in the program have been recognized as leaders of change in their community using the Design for Change framework to create a Social Impact project.

  • Develop critical-thinking skills
  • Learn in Small Groups
  • Engages in STEM Activities
  • Inspires Future Ready Learners
  • Nurtures Curiosity

Youth who participate in STEM activities:

  • Learn how to solve a problem
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Get comfortable with failure and trying again
  • Learn to work successfully in teams
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Are able to see themselves in STEM careers

The program is offered at local schools and through community partners that meet qualifying criteria.  If your organization is interested in partnering please complete a Letter of Program Interest and email to Laura Lytle

Ferguson Municipal Public Library
Humboldt Academy of Higher Learning
Loyola Academy
La Salle Middle School
Wirth Middle School(Cahokia)

Science Gone Mad is a semester-long program where youth meet with a STEM facilitator for 1-2 hours a week. Through the course of the semester, the facilitator and students work together to develop community-based solutions to real-world challenges through creative play, and design thinking process.

Do you need to be a member to participate in the program?
No, this is a program we offer free to the community regardless of YMCA membership

What is the age range of participating students?
Students in 4th through 8th grade participate in the program.

Are clubs available at YMCA branches?
No. While we are working on creating a club at YMCA locations in the future, we currently only have clubs at the schools and community partners.

How do schools and community partners get involved?
Schools who would like to participate in the program must complete a Letter of Interest form and email to Laura Lytle. Completing the form does not guarantee participation in the program.

Is there a cost associated with the program?
There is no cost associated with this program.  However, partner schools must meet specific criteria to qualify.

St. Louis Science Center
Provident, Inc.
Design For Change

If you/your organization would like to get involved please contact Laura Lytle or call 314-776-7102.