young girl at ymca camp lakewood writing a letter to her parents

When was the last time you got a handwritten letter? It may have been a while ago, but you probably still remember all of the positive emotions it evoked in you. At YMCA Camp Lakewood, we're firm believers that the best way to communicate and stay in touch with your camper is through thoughtful letters. It will give them the perfect little slice of home while away!

Sending Letters

One of the amazing things about camp is the daily mail service. We encourage you to write letters to your camper at the address at the bottom of this blog. Mail is handed out each afternoon. Keep in mind that mail may take longer than expected to arrive to Camp Lakewood. We recommend sending it at least a week early to ensure it has plenty of time to arrive. Any mail that arrives after your camper departs will be returned to the sender.

Your camper will also have the chance to send letters home. Be sure they pack stationery, envelopes, a pencil, and stamps! If your camper doesn't know their home address, it can be helpful to pre-address envelopes for them before they go to camp.

Sending Packages

We do not recommend sending excessive packages that will be cumbersome in their shared cabins or distract from their camp activities. We also don't recommend sending candy, gum, snacks, or other goodies that might attract mice and ants to the cabins!

Camp Photos

Camp Lakewood offers a service for photo-sharing, called Waldo. Remember to keep your access code private - only people you approve should be given access. Please guard every child’s privacy. This access code will be given at check-in. You can always check our daily photo updates on Waldo at

YMCA Camp Lakewood is excited to announce we’re offering Waldo’s facial recognition powered mobile app this summer! You’ll be able to sit back and relax while Waldo delivers YOUR photos to you and your family members. Parents will receive enrollment information at check-in. 50% of proceeds go to camper scholarships at Camp Lakewood!

Need help? Waldo’s here. You can email any time you have a question!

Sending Emails

You can also email a one-way message to your camper at Make the subject line Camper's First and Last Name + Cabin Number. These emails are printed and distributed daily to campers. Emails must be received before noon on the last full day of camp in order to be delivered. Please note that campers do not have computer access and will not be able to send responses while at camp.

Phone Calls

Generally, we discourage campers from speaking to friends and family on the phone. This would require they be removed from their group's fun activity to walk to the office to use a phone, and often phone calls can inspire homesickness in campers. However, we are happy to accommodate a phone call when necessary. Reach out to the Camp Director if you need to speak with your camper during their camp session.

Before They Go

Talk with them beforehand about how much or little they'd like to communicate with those at home while they're at camp. If they'd like to write you letters, help them stamp and address envelopes they can bring. Whether you choose to write a handwritten letter, send an email, or wait until after camp to reconnect with your camper, your camper will surely have lots to tell you about their time at Camp Lakewood!

Until next time!
Rose, Camp Lakewood Director

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