Kids at Camp

Summer camp is something so many kids do each and every summer, but may not necessarily realize just how much it is benefiting them in the long run. Whether it’s a traditional day camp, sports camp, or special interest camp, kids are getting experiences and memories that have a lasting effect. Camp provides a social experience with kids of the same age outside of a typical school environment. There are many values, benefits and lessons camp teaches. Here are a few:

1. Independence

It gives kids the chance to be more independent and learn to make decisions on their own, or with others in a group. Kids learn the ability to detect and solve problems that may come up by themselves.

2. Team Work

Camp teaches teamwork and the idea that what they are doing is benefiting not only them, but everyone else in the group. It is the idea of working towards a common goal with others in mind. It teaches relationship building skills with other individuals of different, varying backgrounds. Achieving success with a team not only builds team relationships, but the overall sense of accomplishment benefits the individual as well.

3. Venturing

Camp teaches kids to break out of their typical comfort zone and explore new things they would not normally do. It puts them in situations they would not normally find themselves in and allows them to make decisions to get through certain situations. Kids love to be in their comfort zone and do not typically like to break away from that comfort zone. These new experiences allow them to grow in life, and learn that there is so much more when they break away from their comfort zone in ways they never would before.

4. Resilience

Camp teaches kids that life is not always going to be smooth sailing. They are going to encounter issues and problems in life, similar to camp, and it teaches them that when they get knocked down, to get right back up. Kids are going to run into challenges, and how they deal with those challenges, usually tend to dictate how their personality is shaped.

5. Unplugging

In this day and age, most people typically have a hard time putting their technology down and simply enjoying life. Camp gives kids that option to come and have an experience without the aid of technology around them 24/7. This is so important for kids to learn, especially with the technology-driven environment that most of them are growing up in.

6. Growing Up

In more ways the one, camp simply helps kids grow up. They learn to be independent, think as a team, and venture to new experiences that allow them to truly grow as a person. Camp experiences mold kids’ personalities and develop life-long skills. Camp, with the wide variety of offerings, can allow a kid to find exactly where their talents may lie, and discover and develop that skill in something they truly love to do. Watching kids experience successes during camp and growing from those successes is one of the longest lasting experiences a child can have. Camp is more than just a glorified babysitting service – it’s an experience that has a long lasting effect on the person the child will eventually become.  

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