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Meet Minnie

Meet Minnie

"I am just blessed to be here."

Minnie Woods came to the YMCA in the 1980's to take swimming lessons and for socializing after the passing of her husband and son.  After she completed her class, she was asked if she was interested in teaching classes. She quickly said yes! Now Ms Minnie teaches both land classes as well as water aerobics.  All of her students and staff love her. "I am just blessed to be here and if the Y wasn't an ok place I wouldn't have been here this long. As long as you know what you gotta do you just do it and God will make a way. And that goes for all you young people trying to make a difference in the Y. You will face troubles but life is good. So I'm thankful to be here in any kind of shape. But I'm old now so it ain't the best."  Ms Minnie recently celebrated her 98th birthday with a surprise party at our Monsanto Family YMCA. 

A few of her peers shared some of their favorite things about her:

"She has been on me for over 40 years and her class is still hard."

"She will put you in your place even though she is the sweetest person I ever met."

"I want to be like her when I grow up."