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Meet Lindsey

Meet Lindsey

“We see those we work with grow over the course of a year."

The Greg Delos Y-Tutoring Program at the Washington University Campus Y provides an opportunity for more than 100 Campus Y volunteers to reach out into the St. Louis community and help middle school students become successful, independent learners.  The tutoring sessions, offered each weekday afternoon during the school year, provide middle school students with a structured environment where they can get help with homework.  The continuity of the student-tutor relationship over multiple semesters allow volunteers to become more than just an occasional source for a math formula; they become friends, mentors and role models as well.

“We see the children we work with grow over the course of a year, whether through academic achievements, like excelling on a test or by learning how and when to ask for help.  Middle school students are at a pivotal age in which they can establish study habits and academic goals that will prepare them for high school and beyond.”

- Lindsey, Class of 2014