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Meet Jackie

Meet Jackie

"She gently nudged me into exercising, building my confidence."

Back track to 90 days ago. In my early 60's, poor self-esteem, overweight and hate exercise. 

Cosmetic surgery was not an option, I decided to invest in a YMCA membership and found Susan Kramer, my personal trainer. I'm very shy - preferring anonymity in a gym enviorment, at least I was. She gently nudged me into exercising, building my confidence, attended to specific body concerns I had, encouraged me to be fearless and engaged me in activities I enjoyed by constantly changing my routine to make sure it in fact WASN'T routine. 

This has been a life changing experience for me. I walk into the gym with confidence, look forward to working with the equipment with all the knowledge and strength I gathered from working with Susan these 90 days. I am so grateful to have reached my goals physically and re-discovering my self-esteem. A super bonus, my kids are proud of me. 

This has been the best decision I made for myself in years, maybe decades. 

I will be forever grateful to have found Susan, and look forward to taking some of her aswesom classes in the future.