With a child-centered approach to early learning, our parenting and early childhood programs prepare young children to enter Kindergarten ready to learn. 

  • Enhances Language Development
  • Increases Parental Confidence
  • Improves Cognitive Development
  • Builds Relationships
  • Learn Through Play

Parent & Early Childhood categories

Early Learning Readiness

Our Early Learning Readiness program creates a place for young children to play, learn and develop the skills they'll need for school. A caregiver or parent attends each class with their child and learns developmental activities to do at home. This program is available through community partnerships.

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Beginning Babies with Books

Beginning Babies with Books provides workshops to the parents of young children, often including individuals with literacy issues of their own.  We collaborate with a variety of social service and health care organizations to support them through education, and discussions promoting reading, curiosity, critical thinking, and healthy habits.

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