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YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program

Did you know more than 562,000 people in the St. Louis area are living with prediabetes, but more than 90 percent of them are not aware they have it?


Prediabetes is a potentially reversible condition that often leads to diabetes, and 86 million people ages 20 and over are estimated to have it.  However, 89% of that 86 million have NO IDEA they're at risk. If you have been diagnosed with prediabetes, or believe you may be at risk for developing the disease, the Y is here to help you!

The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program is based on the landmark Diabetes Prevention Program led by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and supported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The Diabetes Prevention Program has shown that with lifestyle changes and modest weight reduction, a person with prediabetes can prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. The program strives to help participants achieve two primary goals:

  • Reduce body weight by 7%
  • Engage in regular physical activity

Based on effective efforts researched by the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program will help you learn about and adopt the healthy eating and physical activity habits that have been proven to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Through the program, you will receive support and encouragement from both a trained lifestyle coach and fellow classmates as you develop a plan for improving and maintaining your overall well-being.


*If you are interested in attending a class, please call 314-421-8838 or email


The Gateway Region YMCA was invited to share information about the Y's Diabetes Prevention Program on KFUO Radio! Click here to listen.

Diabetes Risk Assessment

For each "Yes" answer below, add the number of points listed: Yes No
Are you a woman who has had a baby weighing more than 9 pounds at birth? 1 0
Do you have a parent with diabetes? 1 0
Do you have a brother or sister with diabetes? 1 0
Find your height on the chart below. Do you weigh as much as or more than the weight listed for your height? (BMI >25) 5 0
Are you younger than 65 years of age and get little or no physical activity in a typical day? 5 0
Are you between 45 and 64 years of age? 5 0
Are you 65 years of age or older? 9 0
At-Risk Weight Chart
Height Weight
Height Weight
Height Weight
4'10" 129 5'4" 157 5'10" 188
4'11" 133 5'5" 162 5'11" 193
5'0" 138 5'6" 167 6'0" 199
5'1" 143 5'7" 172 6'1" 204
5'2" 147 5'8" 177 6'2" 210
5'3" 152 5'9" 182 6'3" 216

If you scored a 9 or higher, then you may be at risk for prediabetes or diabetes. For more information on the YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program, click below to submit your contact information and remember to enter your Risk Assessment Score.

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