YMCA - City of Salem Partnership

We are proud and excited to announce our partnership with the City of Salem Recreation Department!

Through this partnership, the Y will handle managing the city program such as youth sports, adult sports, the Salem Family Aquatic Center, Family Fun Days, etc. Through the next year of transition, there will be some programs that will require registration through our YMCA system and some that will require registration through the city. We want to thank you in advance for your patience in this process.

Bill Gruen, City Manager of Salem, IL, says, "I am excited to begin working in collaboration with the YMCA to implement recreation programming in Salem.  Serving over 10,000 neighborhoods and communities, the YMCA has a reputation of service for community and expertise in the field of recreation and programming.  Salem residents of all ages will benefit from this experience and from a pooling of organizational resources for an even better programming service in our community."

To find more information on the City of Salem Recreation Department, and some upcoming programs, please click here.